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October 17, 2018 - 7:17 a.m.

Wow, talk about wind!!  We have a brutal nor’eastern blowing through gusting to 50 km but I’d say it’s even stronger than that.  Although it was windy most of the day yesterday, it really picked up around 10:00 last night.  And hasn’t stopped.  I didn’t get my burlapping done because it was too windy, not to mention chilly but first nice day that I don’t have to fight with the material blowing around I’ll be out there.  I’m pretty sure I already have enough burlap but am going to pick up some extra at Canadian Tire this morning.  I managed to get my books done yesterday so the government will get their cheque.  Dan worked outside all day.  Doubt he’ll be out there today as it’s just too nasty and I think he’d be beating a dead horse.  Hopefully this wind will take down the majority of remaining leaves.  We had an enormous pile of pine needles from other shores all along our shoreline which had washed up during the last storm.  Very thick pile and very unsightly so Dan picked them all up with the tractor and disposed of them.  Wouldn’t have been a bad job raking if they were dry but they were saturated and quite heavy.  I’m heading into town for my appointment this morning and then have a bit of shopping to do but figure I should be home by around 2:00.  Hopefully the wind has died down and we don’t get any flurries this morning as forecasted.  Although I think at this point, anything would be better than rain! 

October 16, 2018 - 5:59 a.m.

It is currently 2 degrees so Lake Nipissing is keeping us a little warmer than the zero degree temperature a little inland.  I swear it smelled like snow when I went to bed last night.  They say snow doesn’t have a scent but I beg to differ.  I can smell it in the air and so can Dan.  I don’t know whether we received any flurries overnight but I do know they had snow not too much north of here.  I spent the day in the office yesterday as I will today but the one good thing about it is my internal clock has finally reset and I’m sleeping like a “normal” person again.  See how long that lasts.  Dan was mulching and blowing, even in the rain yesterday.  The wind was cooperating with him and we had an enormous amount leaves come down throughout the day.  Our one huge maple next to the house is nearly bare and that is usually one of the last trees to fall.  It’s making a major mess all around the house, especially at the entranceway but it won’t be long before the leaves are gone and we’ll be shovelling.  I am hoping to get my books done by noon and that the current weather system disappears as I’d like to cover my shrubs this afternoon.  Not quite sure I have enough burlap for the entire job but I can get the ones that are less hearty covered for the winter.  I am going to town tomorrow so will get what I need to finish the job this week.

October 15, 2018 - 5:43 a.m.

I’m not sure what was just on the radar that past by our place but it sure looked like flurries.  I didn’t think it was cold enough at +7 this morning but stranger things have happened.  I couldn’t see anything outside as it’s still too dark and think I just missed whatever precipitation passed over and considering nothing is wet outside, probably not even worth mentioning.  Yesterday we had sun for all of 5 minutes first thing in the morning.  I was planning on going for a bike ride but once the sun disappeared ...”nah”.  I ended up cleaning my fridge and doing some laundry.  Then I finished organizing my invoice receipts and made a nice pot roast for supper.  Today I’m locking myself up in the office aka dungeon where I’ll be for the next couple of days.  Get ‘er done.  Dan was outside blowing or mulching leaves again yesterday as I’m sure he will again today if it isn’t raining.  He still has one last cottage to winterize before Wednesday when the weather is suppose to turn nasty, or at least get colder then it’s been.  Whatever keeps him busy.

October 14, 2018 - 7:19 a.m.

It looks like we are in for a week of overcast skies with rain sprinkled throughout.  Not a whole lot of sunshine in the forecast at all.  Usually November is the blandest month but it seems October is a close second this year.  Today will be no exception.  The weather sites are depressing to look at these days.  I’m likely going to hit the books today and why not.  If the sun does make an appearance, I’m definitely going for a walk or bike ride just to get some fresh air.  I was out and about yesterday but only because I needed to go to town.  I did notice a lot of the ducks have flown to better locals as we don’t have many left around here.  Geese are still in and out of the bay daily but don’t know if they are the same flock over and over as the numbers tend to fluctuate.  Not many deer left in the neighbourhood either.  There are still a few blackbirds around which have usually all gone by now and we have a fairly large flock of doves which will likely winter here as they did last year for the very first time.  Still a few chipmunks around but only until the snow flies and then they’ll hibernate.  Speaking of which, we did have some very light flurries yesterday so it is coming.  Yuck.

October 13, 2018 - 8:01 a.m.

This wind can just bugger off anytime.  We were hoping to have a fire with a few friends this afternoon but it’s going to be too windy here.  They are actually calling for flurries this morning with a wind shift this afternoon from north to south and 40 km/hr.  Apparently it’s -2 in the Bay but we are registering +3 here so the Lake Nipissing “breeze” is actually keeping us a tad warmer.  I had a couple of hungry kitties outside my door this morning so looks like Gato is keeping his girlfriend.  He needs neutering but is just too smart and too feral to catch.  Dan zipped into town and ended up buying a compressor yesterday and then winterized the trailer park.  He’s doing the cottages today.  I made some killer meatball soup loaded with veggies and also cut up lots of extras for a stir fry last night for supper.  The soup is actually for today regardless of whether we have company or not.  Nothing like a hot bowl of homemade soup on a cold dreary day.  I started the books, just going through the invoices for data entry but didn’t get very far.  Donna and Mitch dropped in briefly and that was about it for me.  Today I’m just doing a little cleaning, zipping quickly into town for a few groceries and then either getting back to the invoicing or having company.  The day will unfold as it’s meant to be. 

October 12, 2018 - 7:53 a.m.

Bbbbrrrrr, she’s a chilly one this morning!  It’s very windy, as it has been all night and hovering around the zero degree mark.  Lots of leaves came down overnight and are plastered everywhere.  Dan is hoping to get his hands on a compressor today and get the winterizing off his plate.  He hasn’t been able to rent one as they’ve all been booked so everyone is thinking the same thing.  Ours just isn’t powerful enough for the park lines.  I was in the office again yesterday and then had to do a quick zip into town.  Now have two of the 3 major bookkeeping jobs off my plate.  Namely the trailerpark accounts and invoicing as well as the road committee financials which are completed once annually and distributed.  Will likely spend today starting the 3rd but will take 2-3 days to complete so next week I’ll be done with the books until year end.  It’s not shaping up to be an outdoor day as anticipated unless this wind dies down which isn’t likely to happen.  I bought some ingredients when I was in town yesterday for some homemade soup so I’ll start there and see where the day takes me.  I’m sure a few people were hoping to get in one last fish this weekend before the season closes but by the current state of Lake Nipissing, it’s a blow day today and not likely to happen.

October 11, 2018 - 7:51 a.m.

Wow, woke up this morning to 18 degrees and right balmy.  Crazy weather when you consider they are being bombarded with snow and freezing rain north of us.  It’s completely overcast and quite dismal but things are due to change.  Cool down coming through the day and possibly even sunny skies.  We had a couple of brief sunny breaks yesterday but for the most part it was overcast with light rain.  Geez, really have to take advantage of the bright skies when we get them as they are few and far between.  There are still fishermen out and about, mostly for Muskie but they too, need to take advantage, as Lake Nipissing closes in a few days.  The leaves have pretty much peaked and are falling rapidly now.  Not a very colourful autumn compared to other years but not surprising either.  Not enough rain this summer and nature is conserving itself I think.  We have some trees that have completely dropped their leaves already and others that are still green. Our cedars are shedding more than usual so most are half green and half brown.  Can’t believe the chipmunks are still around but then with 18 degree temps, they’ll continue collecting food until the snow flies.

October 10, 2018 - 8:20 a.m.

I slept in this morning and Dan is still in bed.  It was so beautiful yesterday we both spent the entire day outside in the heat and sunshine.  It reached a high of 25 here and I actually had to put shorts and a t-shirt on.  I managed to get all my garden decor to bed and the many flower pots cleaned and put into hibernation for the season.  It was a lot of work to do in one day but took advantage of the window of opportunity.  So glad I did as wave after wave of thunderstorms rolled through here last night dropping the temperature to 8 degrees in the Bay, 10 here.  They are actually calling for snow flurries later in the week.  I just need to get some more burlap to wrap a few shrubs and put the deck table/chairs away and I’m done until next year.  It’s not happening today as the weather sucks.  Overcast, rainy and cold with dampness after all the rain we received over night.  Torrential rain everytime a line of thunderstorms rolled through which was about every 2 hours.  No sleep for us until around 5:00 this morning.  I’m spending the day in the office today.  Good day for it.

October 9, 2018 - 8:07 a.m.

Wow!  What a beautiful morning.  The sun is partially out, there is a warm breeze blowing and it’s already 19 degrees.  I’ve turned down the heat and opened up the house.  Dan is heading to town right shortly to pick up his new CPAP machine and then he’s renting a compressor to do the winterizing on the property.  We talked about buying a new one but he only needs it once a year so it’s more feasible to rent.  I’m spending the day outside putting away all my garden stuff for the season.  Some of it is really tired so will be doing another purge and throwing some things out.  I watched the season finally of The Sinner last night.  I have to say this season wasn’t as good as the first one but was still a pretty good mystery to solve.  The plot twist at the end, I really didn’t see coming.  Good show.

October 8, 2018 - 7:30 a.m.

As predicted, it has been a very gloomy rainy weekend.  Where did the sun disappear to?  Today is no exception either.  Overcast with a few sprinkles and as a warm front comes in today, likely thunderstorms a little later.  I was greeted by Gato and his girlfriend this morning.  She is a rather vocal little thing and very timid but is warming up to me.  Maybe the fact that she is getting fed has something to do with it.  Considering Gato keeps finding these female felines and I keep taking them to All Heart Pet Rescue, we’ve decided to let him keep this one so he has some warm company over the winter.  I’m sure it will result in kittens but I’m also sure I’ll never see them.  I’m such a sucker.  Gato has survived 3 long years, he deserves to keep a mate.  Our phone is finally working again although not completely until later last night.  The lines get moisture in them and we just have to wait until they dry out.  Bell won’t fix them properly so not much we can do and I don’t want a cell phone.  I’m already attached to too much technology.  Dan and I had an easy day yesterday and as we both slept in didn’t get up and motivated so took some R&R time.  We had a good time Saturday night with Donna, Mitch, Annie and Craig but it wasn’t a late one.  Today I’m heading to the office as I’ve lots to do.  Hopefully I can get everything accomplished before the storm hits as I don’t like being on the computer when it’s lightning.  Too much risk of losing my work due to a power outage.  It is suppose to reach 24 degrees tomorrow as the warm front comes through this evening.  Would be heavenly if the sun comes out tomorrow!

October 6, 2018 - 7:29 a.m.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a very nice weekend weather wise but I’m sure most will make the best of it.  I had a great afternoon with Trish and Linda yesterday.  We went for lunch at Farina’s and then headed to the psychic fair for a bit of fun.  I think we all had a good reading but it is what it is.  I’m certainly not going to live my life by what was said although I did receive some good advice on changes I already know I could or should make.  Apparently my love of nature came shining through.  Speaking of, the hunters were out first thing this morning.  I heard two guns shots shortly after 7:00.  At least they were in quick succession so whatever was shot, didn’t suffer long.  It had better not have been a deer (which isn’t in season yet) as I don’t want a repeat of last year when we found a sweet young buck on our property that had been gut shot illegally.  Ignorant cowards.  I think everyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about the subject so sorry for the vent.  Today we are having a little company.  I’m just making some chili for a few friends and was really hoping for a nice campfire but will have to see how the afternoon goes.  Calling for showers on/off today and it’s currently overcast, gloomy and not very nice but we’ll make the best of it.  Might be able to have one at the back of the property out of the wind if things go well.

October 5, 2018 - 7:20 a.m.

Oh she’s a chilly one this morning!  Only +3 but that’s likely because we are so close to the water which is helping to keep us a tad warmer than being a little “inland”.  Please take note that our phone isn’t working properly (again) so if you’ve been trying to reach us, keep trying as it’s hit and miss or drop us an email.  Sorry for the inconvenience but it should be fixed shortly.  I was able to use it last night so should be ok now just a little humming in the line.  Our power came on early after noon yesterday but by that time I was in relax mode and had a nice peaceful day yesterday.  I actually had a nice long nap (in my bed) and caught up on some sleep with Grady snuggled up next to me.  Haven’t done that for a while.  Dan did some more leaf blowing a few times but he too rested for the most part.  I finally remembered to do some research online regarding our ash trees and why they produced an over abundance of keys this year and seems my initial thinking was correct.  When some variety of trees become overstressed or are gearing up to be further stressed, they produce more seeds than usual in order to reproduce as they could very well be at the end of their lives.  We have 3 mature ash trees that have all over produced this summer so I certainly hope that’s not the case.  I love my trees and hate when we need to cut them down so I guess I’ll be crossing my fingers they survive the winter.  I’m meeting a couple of friends today for lunch in town as we are all going to the psychic fair.  Bunch of hoo ha but what the heck.  Should be fun and something different to do.  It’s not shaping up to be a great Thanksgiving weekend but hope everyone makes the best of it.  Stay safe if you’re travelling peeps!

October 4, 2018 - 7:53 a.m.

Nice.  I got up to pee sometime during the night and the power was out.  Apparently it went out shortly after 3:00.  Dan started the generator just after 6:00 and apparently they are saying power will be restored by 4:00 this afternoon.  Our whole neighbourhood is out but not sure how wide spread it is.  It was certainly windy when I went to bed last night but I didn’t think it was that bad so guessing there is a tree or something down somewhere.  Dan is already out with the leaf blower, waking everyone up.  He drives me nuts.  Lol.  I had planned to work in the office all day but that won’t happen with no power for the computer.  At least our tower wasn’t knocked out so I’m able to get on my iPad (internet) to check power status updates and of course, do my blog.  I think we’ll be leaving the generator up by the house this winter so at least we have water.  Can’t run the well pump otherwise.  It was 18 degrees when we got up and the cold front is currently arriving.  It’s very windy and the temperature has already dropped 3 degrees.  Going to be one of those days.

October 3, 2018 - 7:03 a.m.

Well that’s one job I am so happy is finished.  The weather started out fairly nicely yesterday with a little morning sun but it wasn’t long before the cloud cover moved in.  I spent the day in the shop and finally got it finished.  Don’t think it’s been that clean and organized for years so now to keep Dan out of my side and it should stay that way.  If there’s space, he tends to start putting his stuff in it.  Was certainly a dog’s breakfast but now it looks amazing.  Well as amazing as a shop can look I suppose.  I put a bunch of things in large totes which I then put into our storage trailer.  Now I need to organize the trailer as I want to put my garden stuff away for the season and would like it all nice and neat as well.  I also need to wrap a few shrubs as I lagged behind last year and the snow flew before I was able to use the burlap.  Not going to happen today as I am going to town but I’ll get at it as quickly as possible.  Dan was blowing leaves for most of the day yesterday as they have started coming down.  It is suppose to get progressively warmer today and into the overnight hours reaching 17 by just before dawn tomorrow with possible thunderstorms.  That means we’ll get a warm front followed quickly by a cold front as it’s due to go below zero tomorrow night.  I was talking to a friend yesterday who lives down south and she said her walnut trees have hardly any nuts this year.  Same as the cedars up here.  Yep, I think it’s going to be a nasty cold winter.

October 1, 2018 - 7:20 a.m.

It is chilly and damp this morning but I think we’ll see some sun today even though it isn't suppose to be very warm.  Saturday I worked in the office until around 2:30 and managed to finally get ‘er done.  I have a bit more to do in the shop and then can check that chore off my list.  I call the office my dungeon but it isn’t so bad anymore.  I’ll still feel chained when I’m sitting at the computer but it is what it is.  We ended up having a spontaneous end of the season cocktail hour with a few people after I was done working on Saturday.  It got pretty cold pretty early but we had a nice big fire going.  Yesterday all those that hadn’t closed up their trailers were working diligently to get everything put to bed so Dan and I just took a day to ourselves.  I did some reading while Dan “rested”.  I’m heading back to the shop this morning to finish it up (if it kills me) but I have lots to do over the next couple of weeks.  It’s definitely time to put my garden stuff away as the snow could start to fly anytime.  They’ve already had some a little further north and the temperature is being forecasted to go below zero this week.  We had a frost advisory up for last night there is some on our beach palapa so the time has come to get organized for the winter.  So sad.

September 29, 2018 - 8:02 a.m.

The weather yesterday was as anticipated.  It was overcast and rainy for most of the day.  We actually had quite a bit of rain on and off, heavy at times.  Today it is currently overcast but sun is on the horizon.  A huge flock of noisy geese flew into the bay a few minutes ago so if I wasn’t already up, that would have been my wake up call.  No, my alarm clock this morning was a pretty good cat fight which left tufts of hair all over the house which needed to be cleaned up before I even took my first sip of coffee.  Not to mention I heard Halo choking several times early this morning trying to get a hair ball up which I noticed was deposited at the entrance to the bedroom.  Only be the grace of God did I manage not to step in it when I crawled out of bed.  Sigh.  Going to be one of those days I think.  Last time I looked at the time, it was 2:30 this morning so my internal clock definitely needs to be reset.  Just been one of those weeks.  I worked in the office until around 4:00 yesterday and still didn’t get everything finished.  One more day should do it but sorting through files and “stuff” takes time.  Too funny though, I found a few things dating back years that I had forgotten about so the reminiscing takes time also.  Dan and Alf went to town and did some window shopping as it was the perfect day to spend browsing indoors.  All Dan came home with was a bunch of edible garbage from Giant Tiger.  The man needs a keeper.

September 28, 2018 - 8:02 a.m.

It looks like it is goi g to be a very gloomy day.  It’s overcast with showers and the temperature 12 degrees.  Not to mention it’s very damp.  We did see some sun yesterday and it was actually quite nice out but not for nearly long enough.  Just a little teaser.  I worked in the office and then headed to town but I’m determined to finish my office purge by the end of the day.  After 20 years, I’ve certainly accumulated a lot of unnecessary paperwork so want to have a big bonfire when I’m finished.  I’m just keeping what is absolutely necessary and the cleansing is working in more ways than one.  Lol.  Government bureaucracy at its finest will be going up in flames.  We have had one lone Canadian goose around for some time which likely means the poor thing has lost it’s mate and is in mourning.  I did notice yesterday that it is coming around a little bit when the rest of the flock is in the bay but it’s still keeping its distance.  I hope it takes another mate but it may not and likely won’t thoroughly join the rest of the flock until migration time.  Sad to see but that’s nature.  We had a sick goose here some years ago that died and it’s mate never did join the flock completely and use to show up here every spring a few weeks before the rest of geese and just hang around by itself.  Was sad to see.  

September 27, 2018 - 8:18 a.m.

Look at me sleeping in this morning.  Unfortunately, the somewhat full moon kept me up last night and I finally closed the drapes on the bedroom window around 1:00 this morning.  Certainly was bright last night once the clouds disappeared.  Two nights in a row of getting to sleep rather late.  We actually were told yesterday that the crack of lightning I heard Tuesday night at 1:00 that sounded so close was in fact very close.  It hit our neighbour’s house right across from our marina and fried their electronics.  Not good but it did hit exactly where I thought it sounded like it hit.  A little close for comfort and I’m glad no one was hurt.  Dan and Alf spent the day yesterday doing some repair work while I did a whole lot of nothing.  I had my therapy yesterday morning which usually wipes me out and then I spent some time on the phone with Shaw Direct trying to get my satellite receiver back up and running as it was also wiped out in the storm.  Thankfully they just had to reset it rather than replace it.  The wind was horrible yesterday and made for an indoor day for me but it looks like it might just be a nice day today.  The sun is trying to come out and there are clear skies on the horizon.  I’m going to head back to the shop for a few hours but have my last appointment later today and then my schedule is free for a while.  I wasted my time raking the beach the other day as the winds yesterday washed up a ton of seaweed which the west wind usually does.  Give it a day or two to dry out and then I’ll get out the pitch fork and pick it up.  Nasty smelling stuff.

September 26, 2018 - 6:58 a.m.

So this just happened and eeewwww.  I got up this morning and was going to the bathroom when a spider dropped down from the ceiling right by my nose.  Talk about waking up in a hurry and getting the old ticker started.  Spiders don’t normally bother me but I hate that they drop out of nowhere.  Sorry for the visual but at least I know I can really move when I have to.  Lol.  It was a nice balmy day yesterday so I did a bit of work outside.  Namely I raked the beach and picked up the last remnants of the storm.  The temperature never did drop as forecasted and we had a nice little thunderstorm come through last night around 1:00.  It actually sounded like we had a lightning strike on the property because I saw the strike, heard a pop, a hiss and a huge crack all within a second.  The storm did nothing to cool the temperature and it is currently 19 degrees.  It is suppose to get progressively cooler today though and be a low of 2 or 3 by Friday night.  West winds today which are the worst for us but don’t think it’ll blow more than 20-30 km.  It’s already kicking up so we’ll see.  I have another appointment in town this morning and then not sure what I’ll get up to but Dan has some outdoor work on his agenda that he’d really like to get done.  Hopefully the sun comes out as forecasted.  I have 3 appointments this week and will be glad when they’re over as I hate trying to schedule my day around them but glad I’m getting them all over in one week.

September 25, 2018 - 7:07 a.m.

It is a tad windy this morning but offshore and quite warm.  It was 16 degrees when I went to bed last night so I turned the heat in the house off.  It’s currently 15, overcast and looks like it will start raining at any time.  We’ll likely get showers on and off for a better part of the day.  Something I forgot to blog about which I found quite interesting...on Friday when it was extremely humid and before the big storm hit, I was heading to town and noticed quite a few garter snakes all crossing Greening Bay Road.  They were all coming out of the forest and crossing the road into a pasture.  I found this quite odd that they would all be moving at the same time and heading in the same direction so googled it when I returned from town.  Apparently snakes are very sensitive to thermal climes and when something such as the storm we experienced is approaching, they move out of danger or to a better climate.  I really was fascinated to know why they would move to long grass during a wind storm.  I still don’t know the answer but it was something to see.  Perhaps they knew how bad the winds were going to get so wanted to be underground (no tree roots to prohibit them).  It’s a mystery.  Guess we could learn a lot from nature if we’d take the time.  

September 24, 2018 - 7:00 a.m.

It is a cold one this morning at only 4 degrees when I got up.  It was cold all day yesterday as well and gloomy and overcast as it is today.  Dan and I spent all day Saturday cleaning up the mess left behind by Friday’s storm.  I did the beach side of the road and Dan did the park side.  He was using the leaf blower and then mulching with the lawnmower while I cleaned up the old fashioned way with a rake and the gator.  We burned what we could and there were lots of branches let me tell you.  Had a great fire going though.  Alf and Larry helped with the chain saw as we had a few really big branches come down and a few trees had to be removed.  Still thankful we weren’t hit with a tornado (as Ottawa was) as we’ve had them come through here a few times.  It was pretty chilly during the clean up but at least the sun was shining.  Dan and I were down for the count yesterday after all that tedious work Saturday and it was a perfect day to just veg.  My satellite isn’t working on the tv for some reason so I watched the Netflix series “Narcos” for most of the day.  I watched it in Mexico last year and liked it so much I ordered the 3 season pack off Amazon but hadn’t had a chance to watch it again.  I was able to get through season one yesterday so hopefully have time to watch the rest over the coming months.  Heading to town for a dentist appointment this morning and then not sure what’s on my agenda afterwards.  Likely not much as it is pretty miserable out right now.  I still need to rake the beach but would like a nicer day.  The water surge from Friday rose half way up our beach and left seaweed deposits behind.  Piece of cake to pick up when the seaweed has had a chance to dry so we’ll see what this afternoon brings. 

September 22, 2018 - 7:07 a.m.

Autumn certainly came in like a lion!  HOLY windstorm Batman!  It’s still blowing a cold Northern “gale” but thankfully, it settled down somewhat in the early hours this morning.  Kept me up half the night and was somewhat scary.  Gato was just a meowing his poor little face off at me when I got up.  I think he was a little frightened himself but glad he found shelter throughout the nastiness.  I haven’t ventured out onto the property just yet but looking out the door, there is carnage everywhere.  Likely a 3 day clean up.  Branches, limbs, leaves, spewed beach chairs (that had been stacked), secured birdfeeders are on the ground, stripped flowers and that’s all within 20 feet of my door.  Some areas will be worse than others but I guess it’s nature’s way of trimming the trees.  Yesterday morning I was perspiring in shorts and this morning the house is closed up with the heat on.  I knew we were going to get slammed when I was in town because the air felt oppressive from the high humidity (33 degrees).  The wind didn’t start until mid afternoon and brought a wall of water with the beginning of the front but when the cold actually arrived, we were sustaining 90 km/hr winds for hours with thankfully no rain.  The power flickered off 6 times but greatfully came back on every time.  We were prepared either way but I think Ottawa received the brunt of this storm.  It is suppose to remain windy at 40 km/hr today but at least the sun will be out.  Currently a very chilly 8 degrees (4 in the Bay away from the water) and only going to 14 today.  I love the fresh northern air but the wind can screw off any time.

September 21, 2018 - 7:06 a.m.

I hope everyone has battened down their hatches.  I got up this morning to a balmy 16 degrees so turned off the heat and opened the house up.  I’ll be needing to close it again later this afternoon as they are calling for the cold front to move in swiftly with 90+ km/hr winds.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some water spouts.  We see them occasionally and they are just another phenomena of nature to earn respect.  I bet our beach fills with seagulls this afternoon.  We had some thunder roll through with some rain earlier this morning.  It woke me up but I went back to sleep as it wasn’t very intense.  I suspect it may be a little more attention grabbing later today though.  It’s going to hit 22 today but drop back down to 6 this evening.  I love me a good nature show.  I’m glad I decided to go to town yesterday so I can be safely tucked in today if need be.  I do have my therapy later this morning but should be home shortly after noon.  I’m thinking this might be a good afternoon for a dominoes game.  Work can wait.

September 20, 2018 - 8:04 a.m.

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  It didn’t get overly warm but the sunshine kept the chill at bay and I think it was around 16 degrees when it peaked.  Sadly, Dan put the pontoon to bed for the season.  No more leisurely boat rides for us.  We still have the fishing boats in but think they can likely be winterized shortly as well.  I ended up cleaning appliances yesterday.  The humidity has been so bad, there was a solid block of ice in the freezer of our “overflow” aka mini-fridge that took all day to melt.  At least my oven wasn’t too bad.  Today I need to head to town and it’s  a good day for it.  We had a shower come through and may get a bit more rain today as it’s currently overcast and only around 12 degrees.  I have quite a few stops on my agenda so may be in the Bay for awhile.   Our park tenants are starting to close up for the season and quite a few will be done camping for the year after this weekend.  We are only open until October 1st and with the long term forecast, it’s likely time.  Have to say though, some years we’ve received snow by the beginning of October so I’m counting my blessing this year.

September 19, 2018 - 8:07 a.m.

I had somewhat of a quiet day yesterday.  Things have slowed right down and so have I apparently.  I was talking with Phyllis at Young’s variety and we both agree.  You go like gangbusters all season and when the tourists leave and you aren’t as busy, you just kind of shut down to take a breath.  Dan was helping out with a trailer yesterday so I caught up on some office work, did a little house cleaning and laundry and then made a nice autumn meal of ham, scalloped potatoes and squash which happens to be Dan’s favourite.  I really need to do a town run but am not in the mood so not sure what I’m doing today.  The weather is kind of gloomy and overcast with cool temps and grey skies.  It is suppose to dip to only 1 degree overnight Friday.  So not ready for this.  Hopefully it’ll get sunny today as forecasted.

September 18, 2018 - 7:52 a.m.

It just might be time for me to start the hibernation process.  I certainly didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  When I finally went to bed around midnight, it was so hot and humid we had all the fans running.  I heard the wind start to pick up so decided to turn them off and close some windows.  So glad I did.  The cold front arrived and she’s a much different can of worms today.  No humidity and it’s currently overcast with a cool 12 degrees.  It’s here to stay by the looks of things.  Have to say though, much nicer working weather but time to dig out the fleece.  Gato came up late last night and stuck around for quite some time.  He likes to perch on our deck railing but last I saw him, he was intrigued by something up one of our cedar trees.  Speaking of which, the cedars didn’t produce any nuts this year.  That’s not good for our little furry friends who rely on them throughout the winter.  The ash trees were ridiculously forthcoming with an abundance of seeds this year but the critters don’t eat them.  I realize things go in cycles but I’ve never seen cedars not produce.  Really makes me wonder what kind of winter we are in for as I've never seen that happen.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s going to be extremely cold with little snow.  Great for making ice, not so great for living things.

September 17, 2018 - 7:39 a.m.

It looks like today will be our last warm weather day for some time.  It’s breezy but the winds are still out of the south.  Suppose to switch to the north overnight and the temperatures will dip considerably for the next couple of weeks.  I haven’t seen any hummingbirds lately and their food hasn’t been touched so am thinking their migration has already begun.  A lot of the grackles and black birds have disappeared also.  Doesn’t mean we won’t have nice weather, just means it’s time to switch the wardrobe.  Lake Nipissing is still plenty warm enough for swimming but sadly that’ll be coming to an end shortly.  Dan and I had a great weekend, did some boating, swimming, tried a new dining experience which won’t be mentioned or repeated.  We also got plenty of rest.  Today is another day.

September 14, 2018 - 7:48 a.m.

My goodness, I didn’t wake up until nearly 7:30 this morning.  I’m usually up with the sun but then, the sun isn’t rising too early these days either.  Gato was waiting on me which explains what’s had the squirrels all in a tizzy outside the bedroom window.  He’s already eaten and is now tormenting the chipmunks but on a full stomach, don’t think he’ll be a danger to them.  I checked the progress of hurricane Florence first thing when I got up.  God help everyone along the shoreline in Wrightsville.  I saw footage where the water was nearly to the ceiling in someone’s garage.  I don’t think the winds will do as much damage as the awful storm surges.  I think we have it bad when we flood here but at least the water has never been high enough to reach any buildings.  And in this neck of the woods?  It’s going to be a lovely day today.  The sun is just about high enough to see over the tree line and the clouds are peacefully floating by as I sit on the deck drinking coffee while updating the blog.  It’s suppose to hit 33 today with the humidex but it cools right down after sunset so life is good.  Sometimes it is a good thing to take the time to enjoy our blessings.  A calm lake, geese practicing flight maneuvers, nature’s critters slowly waking, beautiful sunrise and a full cup of coffee.  What could be better?

September 13, 2018 - 7:34 a.m.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!! What a beauty day yesterday.  It didn’t warm up until after noon but the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the winds were calm.  Repeat today although I think it will get even warmer.  High of 25 which is hard to beat this time of year.  The leaves are starting to get some colour now and the birch trees have already started to shed but the temperatures are going to soar for the rest of the week.  Going to be a gorgeous weekend for sure.  Might just as well enjoy it because with all the active hurricanes, I’m sure we’ll see some remnants of them next week.  I worked in the house for the morning yesterday just piddling around and then headed back to the shop to continue purging.  I ended up getting into my files and got rid of a ton of redundant paperwork.  Will likely continue on today once I’m back from town.  That said, if it’s that nice out, I just might do one last go round deadheading my “we’ve seen better days” flowers.  I need to learn to literally smell the roses and save the tedious indoor work for other days.  Dan finished cutting the grass yesterday and not sure what he’s up to today.  Hopefully he doesn’t find any dead animal remains as there was a terrible racket early this morning.  Birds weren’t active and chirping like they usually are so thinking a hawk may have taken one of their feathered friends.

September 12, 2018 - 7:12 a.m.

The sun didn’t shine quite as anticipated yesterday.  It did come out for a bit but it was mostly overcast and gloomy, just as one would expect when the autumn is closing in on summer.  Heavy dew overnight and chilly this morning but the sun promises to be more prevalent today and for the rest of the week which is going to be gorgeous.  As neither Dan nor I slept well Monday night, we worked the morning yesterday and that was it.  I never did have a nap as I was surfing the net in the afternoon but I was in bed by 10 and asleep by 11 so a little more bushy tailed today.  I’m doing a quick house clean and then heading to the shop to continue with my purge and clean of my “dungeon” (as I call it).  I’ve given some stuff away so am sticking to my guns as I’m tired of moving stuff from one place to another.  It’s hard to purge when you own a resort as you never know what you will need.  Constant maintenance requires lots of different things and as soon as I throw something out that has been sitting around for years, that’s when we need it.

September 10, 2018 - 6:33 a.m.

It was a beautiful day yesterday and so Dan and I played hookie.  I needed a break from cleaning and Dan just needed a break.  We had a fire with Larry on Saturday night as he was a bachelor for the weekend and I made the boys a mixed grill (corn, potatoes, carrots, chorizo and shrimp) which was excellent with just the right about of heat.  Yesterday I did another favour and drove to “The Fork” which is new and we haven’t tried yet.  It is food truck menu out of a house next to the Petrocan at Wasi corners and the poutine was to die for.  We pretty much vegged inside and out all day and it was nicely relaxing.  I watched the season finale of “Killing Eve” last night.  Love that show!  Today we are getting some rain.  I know this not because they are forecasting it but before the sun started to rise, I could see the lights from Callander this morning.  We always get precipitation when that happens and it usually means quite a bit of it.  The sun has also risen quite red this morning so that’s another good indication.  Donna is coming in one last time for the season today to help me out so cleaning cottages is on the agenda for me today.  Not sure what Dan is doing since it’s going to rain but I’m sure he’ll find something to keep himself busy.  The temperatures are due to warm up after today and the nights will be better for not requiring indoor heat.  I hope. 

September 8, 2018 - 6:53 a.m.

This is the first Saturday I don’t have to do a cottage changeover and the first Saturday it hasn’t rained.  Go figure.  Seems like all summer we had showers every Saturday morning which wasn’t enough to water everything but just enough precipitation to be tracking wet sand into the cottages while trying to clean.  Yes, I’d like some cheese with that whine.  I suspect Dan is going to take it easy today as he’s been going pretty hard all week.  All of our buildings are sparkling and he did a great job.  I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked but what I did do yesterday, I did well.  Not sure what I’m doing today as there are several things I could and should do.  Both of us are wanting some R&R which will come soon enough.  The baby (although not such a baby anymore) crow with the broken wing just walked by the deck so it is still around.  I was hoping it would heal itself but it has been getting around the entire property and eating well enough to survive.  Poor thing tries to fly but I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time.  It certainly won’t survive the winter.  There have been a few deer around but can’t really call it a herd anymore and the sightings are rare.  Ever since Red passed away, the herd has dispersed, found another home or are just being extra cautious.  Suits me.  I was spending too much money, time and energy on them.  They need to get back to letting nature provide.  The ducks and geese however, are plentiful.

September 7, 2018 - 7:33 a.m.

It’s going to be a beautiful day!!  Starting out a little chilly at 8 degrees with a very heavy dew but the sun is shining, Lake Nipissing is calm and it’s going to warm up quickly.  We have a couple of nights coming our way when the temps drop to +1 but then it’ll get back to more reasonable seasonal sleeping weather.  I really don’t want to turn the heat on yet but see how it goes.  I only left a couple of windows cracked last night and it’s warm enough in the house this morning.  Can’t believe I’m even discussing this yet.  Summer isn’t over, one hopes.  I tidied my house and did my town run yesterday and that was enough.  Dan went at it all day with the pressure sprayer filled with his magic solution.  Sprayed and housed down all the buildings as this will likely be the last time he’s able.  Dan certainly can’t be doing it once the weather changes (too cold) and besides, before we know it, he’ll be leaf blowing.  Perish the thought.  I’m cleaning the public bathrooms this morning and then I’m hoping to squeegee the windows on the buildings to get rid of the water marks. It doesn’t take long but reaching some of them can be a problem as I’m vertically challenged.  I don’t know why I bother either considering the next bout of rain will undo all my work.  Call me anal.  Or OCD.  Or both.  Lol.

September 6, 2018 - 7:30 a.m.

What a difference a day and a storm makes!  It was sooooo humid yesterday, everything in the house was damp and the floors even had a thin layer of moisture on them.  Have NEVER experienced that before, even in the tropics.  The cold front didn’t come in until much later in the afternoon and it was a hammer as expected.  High winds and lots of rain but thankfully no dangerous lightning.  The humidity has dropped considerably as well as the temperature which is currently a very comfortable 16.  I cleaned two cottages yesterday and think that will likely be the last sweat shop for me this season.  Sun hasn’t broken through the cloud cover just yet and Lake Nipissing is still a little rough this morning but I think that’ll change in a few hours and it’ll be a beautiful day.  Suppose to have great weather through Sunday although the night time temperatures are going to be considerably cooler.  It’s suppose to dip to +7 this evening and 3 tomorrow night.  Seriously?  Not ready for that just yet.  I’m heading to town this morning as I really need supplies and I suspect Dan will be doing property clean up as we had a lot of branches and leaves come down yesterday.  Always something to occupy our time...

September 5, 2018 - 7:03 a.m.

Wow!  Our humidity is sitting at 100% and it feels like it.  I made the mistake of turning the fans off last night when I went to bed and all our windows are full of condensation this morning.  It’s 22 degrees and going to feel in the low 30’s later this morning.  They are forecasting for a cold front to come through this afternoon but I don’t think the north winds will be that brutal as the temperatures aren’t suppose to dip to 5 until Friday evening so should be a slow moving front over the next couple of days.  I cleaned a couple of cottages yesterday and was dripping by the time I was done.  It didn’t feel overly warm as it was overcast but the humidity certainly got the best of me.  And lucky me, get to do a repeat today as I have a couple of more cottages to do.  By the looks of things, Dan may need to wait until tomorrow to cut grass as everything is just so wet.  We received quite a bit of rain yesterday as it was on and off all day, sometimes quite heavy.  I put my house plants outside for a good soaking but am not bringing them inside until the wind starts.  I can’t believe how green everything is again and hope the rest of the week’s forecast rings true as they are calling for nothing but sun.  The Anderson’s arrived yesterday for their annual pilmigrage north.  This is likely the first family vacation they’ve had here when it’s been this warm.  They are however, use to the rain.  Lol.

September 4, 2018 - 7:06 a.m.

Another long weekend has come and gone.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves for the most part.  Unfortunately one of our boats was damaged.  Just the prop but I don’t think the customer was too happy we charged them.  That’s what you get when you fish in the rocks.  Not the first damaged prop and won’t  be the last.  Lake Nipissing looks like she sat right down overnight but doubt she’ll stay that way.  Calling for thunderstorms with rain today and by the looks of the radar we will be getting something this morning.  I cleaned out the cottages and did all the laundry yesterday so am cleaning a cottage this morning for an afternoon check it.  Have a couple more to clean for the weekend as well as the public bathrooms so have a somewhat busy few days ahead.  We have a few days of not so nice weather but it looks like the weekend should shape up nicely.  Mother Nature has been keeping the lights off lately and giving us plenty of the rain we didn’t get this summer.  Hopefully the rest of the month gives us plenty of more sunshine.

September 3, 2018 - 5:38 a.m.

It has certainly been a hot and humid weekend.  Nice for a change.  Don’t think I ever remember a Labour Day weekend being quite this warm.  We had Paula, Alf and Larry for supper Saturday night but unfortunately had to eat inside as a small shower went through just as we we’re about to eat and which did absolutely nothing to cool things down.  Just made it more humid.  I ended up going for a late night swim before bed so I was nice and comfortable.  We talked about going boating yesterday and should have.  Actually disappointed we didn’t as the conditions were great.  Dan was just a little leery because of the weather forecast but I also think he didn’t feel like playing captain.  I ended up taking some quiet time to myself which wasn’t a bad thing.  A thunderstorm just went through which I why I’m up so early. Wasn’t long lived but enough to give us some decent boomers and a few minutes of torrential rain.  It’s just a light shower right now but think it will clear up and be a nice day once everyone else is up and about.  It’s still too dark out to see what the sky says.  We have a  couple of groups with kids in this weekend and they’ve really enjoyed themselves.  Love it when kids from the big cities get to explore nature and see things they don’t typically see...and the technology gets left alone for awhile.

September 1, 2018 - 8:19 a.m.

I had a busy start to the long weekend yesterday as did Dan.  He finished the yard work and then did some minor repairs and staining while I cleaned two cottages and did a few other things needing my attention.  I have one more cottage to clean this morning and then I can veg for the rest of the weekend.  We had a nice campfire last night which obviously didn’t go too late.  So happy the fire ban was lifted in time for the arrival of cooler nights because a fire was needed last night.  The air is so damp right now and the dew is very heavy in the mornings it is taking a while for things to dry out from the rain we had this last week.  They are calling for lots more in the long term and there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for today.  If it does materialize, it won’t be until late this afternoon when the coldfront meets the daytime heating so everyone should be able to enjoy a great beach day today.

August 31, 2018 - 5:26 a.m.

Play Time is over.  Miss Lyn is heading home to Chatham this morning and we’ll be sad to see her go, she’s such a stealth little helper.  She decided to leave early this morning and take the scenic route home.  We mapped out her trip yesterday as Lyn likes to explore backroads and avoid Barrie and Toronto at all costs.  Can’t say that I blame her, especially with all the construction.  It likely won’t add all that much time to her trip when you consider the stopping and wait times.  I did some office work and cleaning yesterday but didn’t get everything finished yesterday so that’s on my agenda today.  I did make us a tasty rib supper last night.  I think Dan got all the yard maintenance finished but he may have a little left to do today.  I know he needs to do a dump run today.  There has been an enormous black bear (aka dump bear) hanging out gorging himself all summer.  He doesn’t bother the tourists or the locals and is likely very comfortable with getting his picture taken.  He also likely feels relatively safe as well because no one is going to want to eat a dump bear.  Lol.  I’m sure his diet leaves lots to be desired.  The wind has finally died down after blowing nearly all week.  Lake Nipissing sat right down last night but not in time for us to get Lyn on the boat.  We were really hoping to get her down to the French River this trip but it wasn’t meant to be.  Going to be a great travel day for her as the sun is due to shine and temps hit the mid 20’s.  At least until tonight when thunderstorms are a possibility.

August 30, 2018 - 6:16 a.m.

She’s a chilly one out there this morning.  Woke up to 7 degrees and so glad I closed the house up last night.  The cold front came through yesterday in the way of wind and some showers.  It’s apparently only reaching a high of 19 today but the sun is suppose to shine so may just turn out to be a nice day.  It really hasn’t been the greatest week for our guests but after the summer we’ve had, the rain is welcomed.  It can go away now though. Lyn and I went to town yesterday and got home around 2:00 or so.  We basically just vegged and I introduced Lyn to the new series “Killing Eve” as we watched all six episodes on VOD.  I think she’s hooked.  Today I have to clean a cottage and do some office work catch up since I’ve been neglecting my duties this week.  Dan will be cutting grass as he wasn’t able to yesterday with the rain.  

August 29, 2018 - 7:51 a.m.

Another fabulous day yesterday!  I haven’t really been around for our guests this week as I’ve been busy with company but Dan and I are thoroughly enjoying ourselves, for sure!  Last night we had a fish fry, complete with lobster courtesy of Rick and Linda.  Everyone else brought potluck contributions and it was fantastic.  Todd made some of the best cheese and mac I’ve ever had and think it was mostly due to his homemade bacon as an ingredient.  Was a terrific dinner and we actually were able to have a campfire afterwards which was the first of the season.  I went swimming last night before bed and before the storm hit.  The sheet lightning kind of broke up the party but I was able to get my swim in before the torrential rain started.  Was awesome watching the storm come across Lake Nipissing.  It’s just too bad for our guests that all the rain we missed out on this summer seems to be falling this week.  There are little pockets of blue sky this morning but for the most part it’s overcast and there’s rain all around us.  Hopefully this huge system will clear up today and give us a few days of sun now.

August 28, 2018 - 7:26 a.m.

I am starting to feel sorry for all our guests this week.  The weather has not been cooperating at all.  It rained for the better part of the day yesterday.  Finally stopped late in the afternoon enough for people to venture outside.  Some of the kids were swimming and Dan took Todd, Lisa, Paula and Alf fishing.  Lyn and I vegged and our other cottagers did their own thing.  A  thunderstorm came through lasting several hours early this morning.  It didn’t do a thing to cool the temperatures or remove some humidity.  It’s so “wet” our bathroom door won’t close and the toilet keeps dripping all over the floor as it’s covered in condensation.  There is another band of rain approaching our area which should hit within the hour and the wind has started to pick up.  Dan was suppose to take Todd fishing this morning but am guessing he’ll be waiting to see what the weather is going to do.  I’ve an appointment in town this morning so Lyn may go with me and do some shopping while I’m busy.  Just going as far as Callander today so Lyn can hit Vested Interest.  Always something good to find there.

August 27, 2018 - 8:04 a.m.

It has certainly been a busy few days for us with the entertaining.  We had a great Mexican fiesta for 10 people Saturday night.  The food was really good if I do say so myself.  I had quite the kitchen mess to clean up yesterday as nearly every pot and pan I owned was used.  It was a nice day for the most part yesterday and a good part of it was spent outside but unfortunately we weren’t able to get on the boat as planned due to the wind which didn’t calm down until after supper.  Todd and Lisa had Dan and I as well as Lyn for a delicious steak dinner last night so we are eating very well these days.  Dan was hoping to take Todd fishing this morning but the forecast isn’t looking all that great.  Calling for rain and thunderstorms today which looks like they may be starting shortly.  Although I have a little work to do, it just might be a good day to veg or play some cards or something.  A game of euchre never hurt anybody ;)

August 25, 2018 - 6:26 a.m.

We had a warm humid sunny-for-the-most-part day yesterday.  I went to town in the morning and was back by shortly after noonish and then had work until around 4:00.  Miss Lyn, a good friend of mine and one of my Mexican travel partners arrived safely to begin her vacation.  We must be getting old because we had hamburgs for supper, a couple of drinks and were both in bed by 10:00.  Lol.  We would normally stay up talking into the wee hours.  Today is another day.  Donna is coming in for changeover and Dan and I are having a Mexican fiesta for a few friends and neighbours later on today.  I’ve lots of cooking to do and am hoping to get my chicken mole sauce on the stove shortly as the longer it cooks, the better.  Unfortunately they are calling for showers and thunderstorms today.  Since they lifted the fire ban yesterday, a campfire is also on the agenda so fingers crossed this is one time when the rain hits in the morning and buggers off for the rest of the day.

August 24, 2018 - 6:57 a.m.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday although quite humid.  It certainly felt much warmer than the temperature gauge indicated at 25 degrees.  We both worked all day although I didn’t get everything finished that I wanted to.  Watering wasn’t on my agenda and I was floored that I needed to after the recent rain.  Apparently the wind earlier in the week dried a lot of the moisture and some of my flowers were actually wilting.  I didn’t get all the windows washed as anticipated and it’s quite apparent our buildings could use a little bath.  The spiders have started to return and as a result the little fruit flies and gnats are getting caught in the webs.  Nothing a little bleach, soap and water won’t take care of.  Next week.  Dan and his trusty sprayer to the rescue.  Lol.  No point washing windows until he’s done as there is usually a residue but it sure keeps the buildings clear of pests.  I’m heading to town this morning for a dentist appointment and then grocery shopping.  We have friends arriving today and tomorrow that rented a cottage so it’s going to be a great reunion.  Dan and I are hosting dinner tomorrow so hopefully cottage turnover goes smoothly as I’ve lots to do.  The weather may or may not cooperate as the forecast is calling for rain.  Haven’t received any all season when forecasted but you watch, tomorrow the weather gods will laugh.

August 23, 2018 - 8:26 a.m.

Well I had a bit of a restless night last night and was up until at least 3:00 this morning.  Grrrr.  I was still awake at 1:00 when a raccoon decided she was going to pry open my feed container, which she couldn’t.  Dan fixed that problem weeks ago so she was making quite a racket in her determin