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May 26, 2018 - 7:47 a.m.

I’m a little late this morning.  We had a storm roll through here around 3:00 this morning.  Some wind, thunder and lots of rain.  Perfect conditions yesterday for hatching mosquitos, which they did.  Came out in droves at dusk last night.  Nuh, uh.  Skeets and I do not get along and so the season of bug spray is upon us.  We had showers on and off all day yesterday with the temps in the mid 20’s and currently have 100% humidity.  I spent the entire day indoors cleaning my neglected house but she’s clean now.  I did 8 loads of laundry and even washed the floors.  Was sparkling for all of 5 minutes until Dan came in the house.  Even though we didn’t speak with our fishermen yet, they must have caught yesterday as they were using the fish cleaning station last night.  Mostly males have been getting catch as the spawn is still on or just ending.  Dan and Alf spent some time yesterday rigging the voltage on my golf cart batteries so that I can use it to water my flowers with a tank and pump we bought at Princess Auto on our last trip to Sudbury.  I’ve been using Dan’s and he prefers I don’t.  Like mine better anyhow.  Now that it’s ready to go, we are into the rainy season.  Looking at June weather, it’s a mixed bag of showers and sun.  Same as last year.  Bring on this hot dry summer they were talking about.  I’m ready.

May 25, 2018 - 6:54 a.m.

I woke up to mild temperatures, showers, high humidity and a flock of seagulls on our beach this morning.  As I was up a few times during the night, I slept in this morning but know the showers must have started sometime after 3:00 this morning.  If we had any lightning with this system, I didn’t hear any thunder and that’s generally what brings the gulls to shore.  Both the rain and birds are gone now though.  There is bright sky on the horizon things look to be clearing but there is another system around Thunder Bay heading our way so suspect we’ll see some more rain later today.  We have guests checking in today  so hope it’s not going to be crappy weather for them the entire weekend.  Fishing should be good though.  I went to town yesterday morning and then did some more work in the afternoon. Today would be a great day to relax but not to be.  I still have some catching up to do but at least the panic is over.  Everything is just loving the rain and there is a kalidescope of colour, mostly greens, around the property.  I was really hoping for a boat ride yesterday as it hit 27 here but didn’t get the chance.  Soon.  Very soon.

May 24, 2018 - 5:52 a.m.

It was a perfect day yesterday with the temperature reaching 24 degrees, warm and sunny.  We had a bit of a cool Lake Nipissing breeze but the heat of the sun settled it down by mid-afternoon.  That’s been happening a lot lately and I hope today is no exception when temperatures are due to reach 27 with winds gusting to 40km.  I did some more planting but peetered out around 2:00.  I decided to water all my bushes that didn’t weather well this winter.  In talking to others, it seems a lot of shrubs are taking time to come back.  The water seemed to have done them some good and with rain coming (forecasted) in the wee hours tonight, should be very good for everything.  Dan finished cutting all the grass, watered where needed and fertilized those patchey brown areas yesterday so after the rain, the property should green right up to it’s former glory.  Can’t  believe how very hard this past winter has been on everything.  I’m heading into town first thing and hoping to be home by 11:00 at the latest to get my very last garden planted.  Dan and I had discussed earlier in the week about taking this afternoon to ourselves for the maiden voyage on the pontoon since refurbishing it but doesn’t look like the weather is going to be conducive.  Never know though, see how the winds are.  Might be able to hug the shore but we are definitely fair weather boaters.  It’s just not enjoyable if you are fighting waves the whole time you are simply trying to relax.  For those who are interested, I thought I’d mention...Gato, our feral male cat that was coming for food all winter...is still around and doing well.

May 23, 2018 - 7:30 a.m.

Another long but gorgeous day for the two of us yesterday.  I didn’t sit down until nearly 7:00 last night and Dan went out after supper to continue cutting the grass.  I am on the homestretch as far as planting goes but still lots to do afterwards.  I went to town yesterday for more flowers and was in search of a particular plant but none of the nurseries have it this year which was quite disappointing.  Lots of pretty substitutes but not exactly what I wanted.  Dan went to Powassan for his grass fertilizer and then mowed most of the property now that there are enough flowers around for the pollinators and the dandelions are not so necessary.  We have lots of hummingbirds around and I’ve already seen a few butterflies.  Not a lot of big bees just yet but have seen a few smaller ones.  My crab apple trees survived the winter so hopefully the bees will do their business and I’ll see some blossoms soon.  My lilacs are leaf covered so same thing applies.  One lilac in particular is covered in yellow monarch looking butterflies every year when the blooms come out.  Going to be a beautiful few days for us and hopefully get warm enough today to keep the black flies at bay.  They were pretty relentless yesterday and as I’ll be digging in gardens today, they’ll be a nuisance for sure.  Haven’t seen many mosquitos but we haven’t had enough rain really.  Calling for some this weekend so I’m sure the little suckers will make an appearances.

May 22, 2018 - 6:39 a.m.

Wow, what a busy day yesterday!  Dan and I didn’t stop until suppertime.  The fruits of our labour shows though.  Dan did maintenance on and then cleaned our boats, took them to the gas station to fill and got them in the water ready for the first of our guests this weekend.  So glad we had no fishermen in this past weekend (we held them off a week) as I’m not confident the spawn is completely over but as the water temperatures hit 60 degrees in our bay yesterday, it should be nearly over.  Didn’t see a whole lot of boats out there over the weekend so hopefully there weren’t a lot of spawning fish caught and the spawning grounds were avoided but that’s likely wishful thinking.  Generally they don’t feed during the spawn so that is a good thing.  I know from pictures and word of mouth fishing was fairly good so this weekend should be even better.  I planted all day yesterday so have no more flowers left.  I am heading into town shortly to get what I hope is the last of them.  I am also hoping to have all the planting and gardening maintenance finished by the end of the week but by the looks of some of my flowering bushes, may need to dig up some that didn’t survive the winter.  And then there is the dreaded bedrock garden.  Haven’t even attempted to do anything with it yet as I’d like the perennials to be evident before I get digging around.  I think this harsh winter has killed a lot of plants and shrubs.  Especially considering I wasn’t able to cover anything due to being in a cast last fall.  Weather was beautiful yesterday and perfect for working.  I didn’t run into any black flies until I was digging in one particular garden and they weren’t too bad.  They are out but even they, by the looks of things, didn’t winter well.  Either that or the majority of them are still sleeping.  Nasty little suckers.

May 21, 2018 - 6:13 a.m.

It was a beautiful day yesterday with sunny skies for most of it.  Temperature reached 19 and it will warm up quickly this morning with a high of 22.  I’m hearing the fishing has been good but still some fish that haven’t spawned yet so Dan and I are waiting a few more days.  Maybe once we are all caught up on things.  I could have done some more planting yesterday but took the day off and regrouped.  They put a risk of frost warning up on Environment Canada last night (Weather Network said no) so I went out around 7:30 and covered all my newly planted flowers.  No frost.  Seems the Weather Network has been more accurate lately so I’m going to follow them from now on.  Still, it did get pretty cold at +4 overnight so probably didn’t hurt to give my plants some added protection.  It looks like that will be the coldest night for a couple of weeks and with the full moon coming at the end of the month (flower moon is May 29) I think the planting time is now safely upon us.  The first full moon in June this year (strawberry moon) is June 28 and doubt very much anyone will wait that long to plant as our growing season is already short enough.  I have already planted my herbs but thinking I may plant some tomatoes this year even though I seem to have bad luck with growing them.  

May 20, 2018 - 8:04 a.m.

It’s cold (4 degrees) damp and miserable out there this morning so we decided to sleep in.  At least that was the plan until the phone rang before 8:00.  We’re taking the day for some R&R as we’ve been going gangbusters all week.  I cleaned the last public bathroom yesterday morning since Dan finished the repairs and then did some more planting until it started to rain around 1:00.  We had a nice rain for most of the day and into the evening hours and needed every bit of it.  It certainly greened everything up nicely and the leaves are starting now.  Dan and I ended up going into the Bay with Annie and Craig yesterday afternoon for some pool and a bite to eat.  Home early but I stayed up a little late.  Going to rest my bones today and just wait for the sun to appear and the temperature to warm up.  Dan is also a little tired and sore so a good day to do nothing.  We haven’t heard anything about the fishing as no one from here even has their boats in yet but suspect it isn’t very good just yet.  Only saw one boat on the water yesterday and it looks like a blow day out there today.

May 19, 2018 - 6:33 a.m.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day yesterday although it took a while to actually warm up.  Dan finished the public bathroom that was under repair by late afternoon after giving it two coats of paint.  I started planting by 8:00 and didn’t finish until 5:00 and still have more to do.  At least there is some colour around the place now.  Not to mention the pollinators are loving it.  It was beautiful early morning but then this east wind blew up for a few hours making it a little chilly but by noonish, it started to get noticeably warmer and ended up hitting 20 degrees.  Beauty day.  We didn’t eat supper until after 7:00 and both of us were in bed by 10:00.  Long day.  I am cleaning the finished bathroom first thing this morning and then hoping to do a little more planting but they are calling for rain today.  Conflicting reports say it will start anywhere between 11 and 1 o’clock.  Temperatures only to reach 17 but after today, just a beautiful week ahead.  I hate to say it but we really need this rain.  It’s all been staying down south this season and we have received very little.  I actually had to water perennials yesterday as they were badly in need of a drink.  My fruit trees all popped their leaves yesterday and other varieties are starting to come alive.  Unfortunately, so are the black flies.  I had to drag out the deet yesterday so it was a 2 shower day for me.  Dan and I had a short visit with Paula and Alf but they know we are busy this time of year.  The fishing opens today but with the spawn still on, not sure how it’ll be.  Actually I do, that’s why we aren’t going.  Lol.

May 18, 2018 - 5:46 a.m.

It looks like today is going to be a great start to the first long weekend of the “summer” (I’m using that term loosely).  Sunny today with a high of 19 but it did dip down to only 2 degrees last night.  What would the May long weekend be without a little rain though.  Calling for showers tomorrow but that may change.  We need the rain but wouldn’t it be perfect if it came during the sleeptime hours?  I went to Sudbury yesterday and dropped the squirrel off for a reunion with it’s sister around 10:00.  Went to Costco after that and bought a vehicle full of flowers which are currently sitting covered back at the shop so pretty safe bet what’s on my agenda today.  Last night was the coldest night in the longterm and the coldest it is suppose to get now is +7 so I think it should safe to plant.  If a frost warning gets put up in the future, I’ll deal with it then.  Dan had his hands full yesterday as new trailers came in and other tenants required his assistance.  It was quite a busy place when I got back from Sudbury as everyone is antsy to get organized for the long weekend.  With such a slow start to the summer and such a long winter, can’t say that I blame them.  Dan is hoping to get the bathroom under repair painted today but I guess it will depend on how many interruptions he gets.  All in due time.  We finally have leaves popping out so there is a lovely green tinge to everything.  I suspect the next few days, especially if we get a little rain, will start everything popping.  My peonies are all up as well as other perennials but the hostas are slow coming as they usually are.  Another few weeks and it’ll look like summer around here.  The fishing will likely be slow this weekend as the fish are still spawning due to the slow ice melt but another couple of weeks and they should begin showing up in our bay. 

May 17, 2018 - 5:48 a.m.

It was a nice albeit very long day yesterday.  The sun shone for most of it but there were clouds around and even a few showers in the area later on in the day.  The temperature hit 23 and is currently 8.  I planted my window boxes yesterday morning but didn’t cover them last night as they are right against the buildings obviously.  I think they should be okay unless we get a major frost but nothing is in the long term.  Planted a few other pots but put them inside overnight.  Dan turned the park water on yesterday afternoon so I cleaned the public bathrooms.  While on my journies, another baby flying squirrel was found.  This poor thing was all alone and trying to get warm in the sunlight.  Flying squirrels, especially babies, are suppose to be kept at 100 degrees.  How it survived this long is sheer luck as it was curled up out in the open in the middle of the grass.  I’m surprised a raven, heron, fox or something didn’t make a meal out of it as it is still very defenceless.  They are nocturnal animals so for it to be out in the open during the daytime, you know it was cold, hungry and orphaned.  At least it ate quite a bit overnight but for the most part has been sleeping all bundled up with one of my fuzzy sock socks underneath two towels.  I called the Wildlife sanctuary again and am to bring it in this morning.  It will be nice to see it reunited with its sister but means another trip to Lively for me.  I decided since I will be so close I am going to Costco after I drop off the critter and hopefully get some more flowers.  I’ll have lots of planting to keep me busy this weekend.  Dan still has one of the public bathrooms torn apart for renovations/maintenance so suspect he’ll be working on that today.  Whatever he decides, I’m sure he’ll be busy.  It’s currently overcast but the rain seems to have moved out of the region so hopefully the sun will come out shortly.

May 16, 2018 - 6:44 a.m.

Turned out to be a rather nice day yesterday but quite chilly especially near the lake.  I went to town with a sweat shirt and vest on and everyone else was walking around in t-shirts.  It didn’t really warm up until early afternoon and I was home by then.  The effects of the minimum wage increase has hit North Bay.  I usually buy my flowers at L’Ami’s but they’ve raised their prices considerably citing the pay hike is responsible.  Guess I’ll be shopping elsewhere this year.  Walmart is always the cheapest but their flowers always look half dead and don’t do as well as those purchased from a nursery.  I did buy some there yesterday though so will give them a good dose of fertilizer when I plant them.  I also bought some hanging baskets at Independent as they are the first I’ve seen that have the mixed colour of million bells.  Trying my hardest to plant pollinator receptive plants now.  I’ve already planted a ton of wildflowers but they are from seed so will be a while before they come up.  Dan worked on the public bathrooms yesterday.  The paint peeled in a couple of them so he was scraping and puttying.  I’ve been given the task of repainting them but not quite sure when that’s going to happen as it’s too cold just yet.  Dan also hired Nick to build a new deck for the bathrooms so was supervising him until 8:00 last night as Nick couldn’t come until after 5:00 yesterday.  Looks good and will be nice once I put a couple of flower planters on it. The temperature dropped to 2 degrees here overnight so all the flowers I bought yesterday slept in our shop last night.  Going to warm up quickly to around 20 today.  I’ll be gardening for sure.  I received a message from the Wildlife Refuge Centre last night.  Baby flying squirrel is doing really well (and is female) so I’m happy I made the trip.  Very rewarding.

May 15, 2018 - 7:11 a.m.

It was a long day for me yesterday but also very rewarding.  I found a baby squirrel with no momma so of course being me, took it under my wing.  Turned out it was a flying squirrel.  Being nocturnal creatures I knew there wasn’t any hope of reuniting it with its mother and I wouldn’t have the time to devote to caring for the poor thing.  I finally decided to take it to the Lively Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre so left here after working in the gardens at around 2:30.  I figured the 4 hour drive (return trip) was worth it as I would spend much more time than that if I raised it.  Killing it wasn’t an option and neither was leaving it to its own defences.  Anyhow, I’m so glad I chose to save the poor mite as I was finally able to see a live moose.  They had a baby 5 day old moose at the centre.  Apparently it was a twin and its mother abandoned it at the side of the road because she was too nervous from traffic and only managed to get the sibling across.  Sad but I guess it happens.  Well what a sweet experience for me with this newborn moose.  I was thrilled.  They also had a grey fox there as well.  Lots of raccoons and other squirrels (not flying but that may change).  They keep all the squirrels together (different species in different changes) so at least this little one has a chance now as well as some company.  The temperature was 26 in the Sudbury area and it hit 24 here but today is quite a change.  Just had a brief light shower and it is currently overcast.  Not going to be nearly as warm today, only about 16 and quite cool overnight.  The long term forecast is hit and miss so not sure what we will actually end up with for the long weekend.  I’m pretty sure Lake Nipissing is now ice free as there was none that I could see on the north shore yesterday but there could still be a few chunks floating around so be careful if venturing out for a boat ride for the next few days.

May 14,2018 - 6:28 a.m.

What a gorgeous day we had yesterday with a temp of 19 here.  A nice southern breeze warmed everything up and we spent the entire day working outside.  Quite a few people from the park dropped out and I think everyone is getting antsy/excited for the camping season to begin.  We still haven’t turned the water on but that didn’t t stop anyone.  There are still heaved decks and trailers from the frost and no dandelions in the park grounds which indicates the frost is still in the ground.  We open tomorrow but can’t promise water at this point.  I was digging around down by the marina yesterday and the ground was still partly frozen in places.  Unfortunately we just haven’t had enough rain and there isn’t a whole lot in the forecast.  I was happy to see my peonies I planted last year survived the winter.  They’ve all come up but the hostas haven’t yet.  They are just below the surface but not quite ready to poke their heads up just yet.  Maybe by the end of the week.  All my hostas are in shady spots though so that’s a factor.  I planted some more wildflower seeds by the marina yesterday and if they take, will add a splash of colour.  I also spread some milkweed seeds in the breeze yesterday.  Was awesome watching them float to destinations unknown and hope they take root along the shores and ditches of our property.  I let quite a few fly along Moose Creek which is where they belong so we’ll see.  Milkweed is one plant that feeds the Monarchs but is sadly lacking in our area so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Going to continue on with the gardening again today as I’m going to begin planting later this week where things can be easily covered if need be.  Going to be cool (+2) this evening so the threat of frost hasn’t passed just yet.

May 13, 2018 - 6:34 a.m.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful wonderful ladies out there!  I hope you get time to put your feet up, relax and enjoy this gorgeous sunny day!

May 12, 2018 - 6:18 a.m.

It looks to be a nice day today.  Was too chilly outside for me yesterday and even Dan thought the same thing.  It is suppose to warm up today and calling for a high of 16 with sun.  Lots of cloud cover this morning but think that’ll burn off.  Another few days of warmer weather and Lake Nipissing should be ice free.  At least I hope so.  The steam is just rolling off Moose Creek this morning which is a pretty good indication it will warm up quickly this morning.  I’m heading to town again right shortly to do a couple of errands.  I didn’t end up getting soil yesterday so that is the last stop on my agenda but if I’m lucky, I should be home well before noon and can get some work done outside.  I saw the hummingbird at my feeders yesterday so it is still around.  Poor mite just needs some flowers.  We are definitely experiencing a slow warm up this season but hope it’s a sign of good things to come.  Steady temperatures vs up and down all summer like we had all winter.  Not getting much deer up now that there is a food supply available and I also think a lot of them are birthing right now.  Saw a few dandelions pop up yesterday but we still don’t have the green tinge on the trees yet.  I’m going to keep an eye out today and see if the leaves have started in town yet.  Always a good sign that the frost is out of the ground but we still have it here in certain spots.  We just haven’t had enough rain to drive the frost out of the ground yet.

May 11, 2018 - 6:30 a.m.

Wow, what a very long day for me yesterday!  Running on no sleep, Dan and I ended up going to Sudbury as we couldn’t find what we needed in North Bay.  All these stores going up in the Bay and still need to travel out of town.  We only went to Princess Auto and Costco but between the two, found what we needed.  I was able to score a pump driven watering system to use on the back of my golf cart which should save me from hauling numerous buckets of water this summer not to mention saving me from dealing with long tangled garden hoses.  I also found an awesome shovel designed to cut through roots which I am selfishly keeping strictly to myself as tools tend to go missing around here, especially when I need them.  Dan bought several items to help him out with property management.  We didn’t get home until 5:00 and since we were both kind of pooped, still need to do some unloading of my car this morning.  Has to be done as I want to zip into Walmart for soil so that I can spend the weekend getting my gardens ready for planting.  When we hit the lookout point on the north shore of Lake Nipissing, we saw all the ice along the shore.  Didn’t see it until our return trip home as the fog was so thick on the way to Sudbury in the morning I needed my wipers on full throttle.  Thankfully it lifted for the trip home.  The sun is shining this morning but it is chilly.  Hovering around zero at the moment and not even going to hit +10 today.  I’ll put my hanging flowers outside later on so they get some sun today before I put them back inside the shop.  I’ll be happy when I can just leave them outside for the duration.  From our vantage point there is no ice on the lake for as far as we can see so things should start to warm up quickly.  We can see some ice piled up along the shores of the Manitous but that’s about it.  Whatever ice remains on the north shore should be gone within a few days.  Bring on the summer boating and fishing season.  Please!!

May 10, 2018 - 8:22 a.m.

Wow am I late this morning.  Sorry but had a really restless night and was still roaming the house at 4:00 this morning.  Hate when that happens.  I’ll have to wear myself out today so I sleep well tonight.  We didn’t get any thunderstorms our way overnight which I was kind of hoping for but we did get some rain.  Not quite sure how much but everything has been watered and I don’t think it was torrential, more of a nice gentle shower.  We reached a high of 27 here yesterday and now that the ice has receded offshore (for now) we’ll be feeling all these warmer temps without the ice interfering and keeping things cooler than they really are.  The wind really picked up last night so I think it’s pushed the ice to the north shore.  The open bays on that side of the lake will melt what has blown in but there is still lots of ice in the main body of Lake Nipissing.  It’s coming and I’m guessing the ice should be off next week some time.  That said, temps are suppose to dip below zero tonight but just for a few hours.  It’s currently 14 and overcast with showers around so thinking Dan and I are going to do some shopping today.  There’s a few these we need for the property so this will be a good day to spend indoors.  I haven’t seen the hummingbird again since I put the nectar and flowers out but there were bees feeding off my hangers all day yesterday.  I’m putting them inside tonight but will have them outside as much as possible as we still have no dandelions.  Never thought I’d be wishing to see those yellow heads pop up but they’re badly needed right now.

May 9, 2018 - 6:24 a.m.

Another beauty day yesterday with a high of 20 or so in North Bay but didn’t quite reach that here by the water.  Elsewhere on the property, yes.  This ice is just holding on and until it’s gone, it’s going to keep things cool here.  We need rain and wind to help move it along which is suppose to come late this evening but only after a hot sunny day today.  Unfortunately it’s going to come at a price.  Three nights in a row of zero or below zero temps.  Getting annoyed now.  When I was in town yesterday morning, I bought 2 hanging baskets for the pollinators who have emerged but I’ll need to bring them inside tonight.  I know I jumped the gun but I’ll keep them alive.  Won’t  be doing any planting for a bit even though the long term looks promising.  I was back from town by 10:30 yesterday morning and spent the rest of the day in shorts working outside.  Today I’ll be doing the same.  We are hoping to turn the property water back on sometime next week but will need to see what this next cold front does.  Still no dandelions, at least not where we need them to indicate the frost is out of the ground.  Pretty sure it was a bad winter for enabling the frost to get very deep this year and we aren’t taking any chances on breaking water lines.  I have a pool going for when Lake Nipissing will be ice free this year.  I picked May 8th but that was when we had some really decent weather 3-4 weeks ago and before winter came back.  Greening Bay is ice free as are several other bays but that’s about it.  Usually once the bays are free, the main body follows within a week.  Fingers crossed as the opening season is fast approaching.  Thankfully the long weekend is a little later than usual this year.

May 8, 2018 - 6:22 a.m.

Oooooooo, what an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.  Very warm and sunny all day.  Guess I’m going to have to shave my legs this morning as I’ll be in shorts this afternoon.  It’s  due to reach at least 20 over the next couple of days before some forecasted rain (and quite a bit of it) heads our way.  I decided to pull out all my seasonal stuff yesterday and although I don’t know what prompted me, I made up some hummingbird nectar.  I didn’t have it in the feeder quick enough though as I was taking a break on our deck when a male hummingbird flew right past my face.  It was checking out all the colours on my garden “enhancements” but unfortunately nothing to feed him.  I quickly put the food out in 3 separate feeders but don’t know that he found them yet.  I need to head into town this morning so am definitely picking up a few pansies.  Would love to do some actual planting but it’s still too early as there are some cold night time temperatures still in the long term.  We have a couple of loons in our bay right now which is always a treat because they don’t stick around once things get busy with boat traffic but they were sure making a racket with their mating calls yesterday.  They are hanging out right at the point of Greening Bay so must be fish there.  After work I watched the political debate and have to say this is going to be a tough election.  My take on the candidates...Ford was straight forward, told it like it is but not very eloquently and I’m guessing wants to remove a lot of “fat”.  Wynne was the same old same old and Horvath, although very well versed and informed is pipe dreaming because what she envisions is going to cost us big bucks.  Personally I’d like to see less spending and lower taxes.  Unfortunately the debate last night was all about the GTA.  I understand the need for better transit infrastructure but why do ALL Ontarians have to pay for it?  Hopefully the upcoming debates will be more about the province as a whole.  Have a great day everyone, going to be a good one!

May 7, 2018 - 5:59 a.m.

It seems if I want a good night’s sleep, I need to get myself to bed at a decent hour.  I read until 1:00 this morning (my bad) and was up before the birds this morning thanks to a couple of unruly cats.  I actually heard the first bird start it’s morning song before giving up on returning to the land of slumber.  Just as well as I think it’s going to be a beautiful day and I’ve lots to do.  It was overcast and cooler yesterday so I worked inside and managed to finally finish my spring housecleaning.  Just in time for the pollen season to start.  Nature can be so cruel.  Lol.  Dan was outside all day and didn’t stop until suppertime.  He decided to tackle an accumulated mess down by the marina so cleaned a couple of boats and moved them to another location and organized a bunch of other things that have been lying around.  It’s going to look so neat and clean when he’s finished.  He came and got me just before supper as the pike have started to spawn in Moose Creek.  Lots of big splashing going on so I grabbed my iPad and took a video.  While filming a muskrat decided to swim by.  Good thing the pike are too busy spawning or the rat would have been dinner.  Pretty big females in the creek along with the usual smaller males on either side of her.  I posted the video on our Facebook page and you can see the rat swimming and then the big splash just behind it.  This is late for the pike so suspect the walleye haven’t started just yet.  Water needs to be a certain temperature for the spawning so with the warmer temps this week, they should be starting soon if they haven’t already.  I think the weather is here to stay so plan to start dragging my seasonal things out of storage today.  I’d like to get some pansies if I have time just so the bees have something to eat until the dandelions pop up.  We suspect they will make an appearance this week and will leave them alone until some springtime flowers are evident.

May 6, 2018 - 6:43 a.m.

We had a red sky last night and a red sky this morning so I’m not exactly sure what that means.  We currently have lots of clouds with patches of blue and one Network is calling for showers today while the other one isn’t so it’s anyone’s guess.  They do seem to agree on the temp for today which isn’t going to be that warm at only 10 degrees.  It was beautiful here yesterday, sunny and a high of 17 so Dan and I worked outside.  I petered out around 3:00 and needed a nap.  Lol.  Can’t do the 8 hours of hard labour anymore but did accomplish what I wanted to.  Not quite sure what I’m doing yet today.  Will all depend if I want to work in or out.  The Osprey have returned and I watched one searching for nesting material yesterday.  Use to see them all the time picking large branches off our beach but they were too late this year as Dan has already cleaned them up.  It’s amazing how nature provides everything for every species.  We may curse the winter’s natural pruning of trees when we have to do the spring clean up but that pruning provides homes for future baby birds.  The water is slowly rising and the ice receding but we need another big wind.  Lots of melting the past few days though.  The trees (specifically maples) absolutely popped on our property yesterday and if the weather holds, we should see a green tinge of newborn leaves by the weekend.  Of course that means cleaning up all the maple buds which are the bane of our existence but all part and parcel.  Hard to believe I was planting flowers this time last year.

May 5, 2018 - 7:10 a.m.

Happy Cinco de Mayo day!  I certainly woke up like a bear this morning but am starting to wake up fully now.I wanted to sleep in so badly this morning but the animals were having none of that.  My cats started on me at 4:30 this morning but I was able to ignore them for a couple of more hours...somewhat.  Gato was patiently waiting for me at the back door and the deer were looking in my bedroom window on BOTH sides of the house.  The birds were protesting the empty feeders also.  I think I’ve been doing a little spoiling by the looks of things.  I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 6:45 but I wasn’t happy about it.  I had a long day yesterday but have another room in the house ticked off my spring cleaning.  One more to go and I’m finished.  Climbing around on ladders and knees hardly seems worth it as everything looks the same once I’m finished and put everything back in place but at least I know it’s clean now.  No more winter film all over everything.  Was such a good day for cleaning though as it rained all day.  Had a few nice thunder dunders roll through but the winds picked up after supper for a short time.  Hopefully it didn’t bring down too many branches and tree limbs after all Dan’s hard work.  He actually took a drive to Powassan yesterday to get more fertilizer but they didn’t have any in yet as the farmers are too far off with their planting yet as well as the golf courses not being able to open.  All this rain did a world of good for the land and water though.  Lake Nipissing’s level has risen and is looking good for the season.  Greening Bay is greening and hopefully a lot of the frost is gone.  Going to be a beautiful day.  The sun is shining but the fog is starting to move in off the lake so will hopefully burn off on shore shortly as I’d like to work outside and catch some rays today.

May 4, 2018 - 6:27 a.m.

As usual, the sun came out just in time to set last night.  The fog was so dense all day yesterday we couldn’t see a thing and certainly not Lake Nipissing except for the immediate shoreline.  It was cool, damp and dreary yesterday so I gave up the idea of working outside in the drizzle.  I did some cooking for most of the morning and made us a beautiful chicken parmesan dinner instead.  Dan went to town and looked nearly unrecognizable (in a good way) when he came home.  Guess we all need a good haircut now and then ;)   He also bought himself a small lightweight lawnmower for cutting the ditches along Birchgrove Road as he’s been weed eating them until now.  Maybe it’ll make make his life a little easier.  We have rain and possible thunderstorms coming in this morning but don’t know that it’s going to be an all day event.  The sun will likely come out again today just in time to set.  Does that a lot this time of year.  Greening Bay is slowly filling with water but still plenty of ice on the lake.  Calling for some wind today which we need to break up the ice and push it in to the warmer bays to melt.  It is very doubtful the ice will be off by my date pick of May 8th but with the forecasted weather, we should see a big difference by the end of next week.  I saw a heron fly by our kitchen window last night at dusk (first I’ve seen her this year) and she had better not be after the chipmunks and squirrels.  She ate nearly all of them on the property last year because the water was so high and she couldn’t hunt in Moose Creek or the shorelines for amphibians.  I was constantly running her off.  This year she should be able to get plenty of frogs and minnows.  It was pretty sad seeing her carry off my favourite chippie last year but we all need to eat I guess.  Nature can be just as cruel as she can be beautiful.

May 3, 2018 - 6:39 a.m.

Holy fog Batman!!  The fog moved in yesterday morning and has been sticking around ever since but it is extremely dense this morning.  Can’t see a whole lot so take care if you’re driving into town this morning.  Hopefully the sun will come out and burn it off after all the rain we received yesterday.  Badly needed rain which seems to have brought everything to life.  The frogs started trilling in Moose Creek last night so the spawn is on.  The water is still very low this spring so not quite sure if the pike will be able to spawn in the creek this year or not.  LNSA (Lake Nipissing Stakeholders Association) announced yesterday they will not be conducting the restocking program this year due to time constraints and low water.  If there is an impact from this, we likely won’t see the results for a few years.  Nature always finds a way but when we had the low water in 2010, there was a year class of fish missing in subsequent years so we’ll see.  The people in charge did let way too much water out this winter though but I guess it isn’t an exact science.  The birds have all started their mating dances and nest building so the spring is finally here to stay.  Gato was patiently waiting on me this morning when I got up as were the deer.  Red was having a rest in the spot she favours on the bedrock but the younger deer were happily munching on the new growth in the bedrock garden.  Have at it.  Dan is heading to town first thing this morning for some badly needed grooming so will have a visit with Annie whiles she cuts his hair.  I did my town running yesterday so am hoping to get some yard work done today as they are calling for more rain tomorrow.

May 2, 2018 - 5:59 a.m.

Wow!  What an bsolutely gorgeous day we had yesterday!  Finally!  The temperatures reached 22 degrees here and was sunny part of the day but had quite a few “front” clouds which usually indicate rain and there is a lot of it in the long term forecast.  We are actually suppose to get thunderstorms and rain later this morning and into the afternoon.  It will cool down the temperatures and hopefully kill the black flies that made an appearance yesterday (and gave me my first 2 bites of the season).  Dan and I worked outside yesterday but I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to as quite a few people dropped out so did more visiting than anything else.  Dan has already collected 3 trailer loads of branches as he’s been playing pick up sticks the past few days and isn’t even finished yet.  I did some raking and had to borrow Margie’s wheelbarrow as mine (I thought) was encased in very hard snow pack back at the shop.  Turned out Dan the man found my lightweight one in our storage trailer.  I forgot I put it in there at the end of the season last year.  Our heavy duty wheelbarrow though; likely won’t see it until July when all the snow is gone.  Lol.  Actually, the warm weather is doing it’s magic on Lake Nipissing as the entire lake is now opaque but it’ll take a lot of rain and wind to break it up.  Our neighbour, silly man, was sledding yesterday.  We watched him return home after supper just booting it across the bay.  I think he had better put his sled away now because I doubt anyone has the ability to rescue him if he goes through.  I’m off to town this morning and hopefully will get home before the bad weather sets in.  I could go for a good thunderstorm about now but prefer not to be caught in it. 

May 1, 2018 - 8:00 a.m.

What a dufus I am.  When I blogged about our weather yesterday I didn’t realize I had the Weather Network on Chatham’s weather.  I realized my mistake this morning.  Once I changed it back to North Bay I saw what a difference in temperatures a 6 hour drive can make.  Lol.  We are currently experiencing overcast skies which are suppose to clear later this morning but I’m not holding my breath.  The temps may hit the 20 degree mark though but there are still freezing temps in the long term.  Really getting annoyed now because we aren’t making any headway with the ice disappearing from Lake Nipissing which is keeping our weather too cool for this time of year.  So, I slept in this morning because when I went into the bathroom at 12:30 this morning there was water all over the floor.  Dan had turned the outside tap on under the bathroom sink yesterday so he could clean off his tractor.  Everything was fine but at some point, the tap decided to start leaking.  I promptly turned it off but had the mess to deal with and then I couldn’t get to sleep because I kept worrying about it.  The tap always drips for a bit after we turn it on for the season but this was more than a few drips so fixing that is on my agenda this morning.  Dan graded the beach yesterday and it looks great so now he can concentrate on property clean up.  If the sun comes out, I’d like to do some raking this afternoon as I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time outdoors yesterday due to other obligations.  What time I did spend outdoors there were a lot of happy critters running around.  I noticed on Facebook yesterday there have been a few incidences of loons being found on land recently.  I don’t know if it’s because there is still so much ice on our waterways or what but if you see a situation like this, please promptly put it in a large waterway.  Loons cannot walk on land and if they can’t get to the water, they die.  Just a little tidbit today to help a fellow creature.

Ppril 30, 2018 - 6:43 a.m.

The full moon got me last night.  Was still tossing and turning at 1:00 this morning so took a Gravol and all was well with the world.  The moon was so bright and shining right in my bedroom window but I could see everything outside as clear as day.  Including a big old coon who was eating crumbs of corn, apple and birdseed left behind by other critters.  Gato didn’t come up because the raccoon was around for hours but he was here first thing this morning.  The cat will need to come up earlier at night if he wants to feed with no worries of tangling with another creature.  I had a great day yesterday.  Cleaned and did laundry like a mad women yesterday morning but finished up around noon.  Larry and Trish dropped in yesterday afternoon and it was so nice out, we sat on our deck and visited before going for a walk through the trailer park.  Lots of huge branches down, as there generally are after the winter, so Dan will have lots of burning to do this week which promises to be a really good one if the weather gurus are to be believed.  Weather Network has us in the mid 20’s with sun for most of the week.  Environment Canada, much cooler with lots of rain.  Guess we’ll just need to wait and see.  It’s currently -3 and sunny here but I think it’s going to warm up quickly today.  I need to zip into town this morning but am hoping to be home by noon so I can hopefully do some outdoor work.  Finally.

April 29, 2018 - 5:46 a.m.

We have very conflicting weather forecasts for the coming week.  Both agree on lots of sun for the next couple of days so that’s great considering it snowed most of the day yesterday.  Just enough to give us a light dusting here but other areas were hit pretty hard.  I’m hoping for the 20+ temperatures the Weather Network is forecasting vs the doom and gloom Environment Canada is predicting.  It’s to the point when the sun is shining we take advantage.  At this rate, I won’t be planting any flowers until July.  Still lots of frost in the ground, I’m sure.  Dan and I have some people dropping in today so hopefully it’ll be nice enough to be outsIde for a bit.  If the sun comes out and it hits the +10 mark, all this snow will be gone.  I’m doing some cleaning and laundry this morning as I finished my books Friday and just regrouped yesterday.  We were suppose to go to a reunion in Chatham this weekend but we are so far behind on the property due to weather, we decided to stay home as it’s a long drive for a 5 hour event.  Hopefully we can make the next one as I understand the turn out was phenomenal.

April 27, 2018 - 6:35 a.m.

I sometimes forget how truly blessed Dan and I are to live in such a beautifully balanced environment.  Although I’ve seen numerous things I’d care to forget considering how cruel nature can be, there are moments that truly make my heart sing.  I woke up this morning to see Red (our resident deer) bedded down outside my bedroom window.  I managed to take a photo without disturbing her and posted it on our Greening Bay Cottages Facebook page.  For those of you not aware, Red showed up over 10 years ago, fully grown and not in very good health.  We nursed her back to health and she’s been a very loyal friend.  Many of our customers ask after her as they’ve had the pleasure to feed and photograph her over the years.  I truly didn’t think she’d make it through this harsh winter we’ve been experiencing but she has.  She isn’t in the best health, is old and fragile but obviously feels safe on our property.  I gave her some corn and apples this morning but she had company I wasn’t aware of until I ventured outside.  There were 3 other deer bedded down close to her and I believe since she is the matriarch of the herd and likely in a dying state, they are caring for her.  I’ve been watching one of the younger deer licking and preening her.  We have more rain and snow in the forecast for today so hopefully she won’t have to scrounge too much today before seeking shelter.  We could learn a lot from (some) nature and how they care for the elderly and the sick.  God bless the Red’s of the world.

April 26, 2018 - 8:06 a.m.

Oops, I slept in this morning.  Must have needed it although I did stay up later than normal.  Good thing I did as Gato the cat showed up around 11:30 for some food.  After all the rain, we hadn’t seen him for a couple of days.  It finally quit sometime through the night and the sun is shining this morning although it is quite cool.  Only suppose to reach a high of 7 today and there is cooler weather coming our way with 3 nights of below zero temperatures.  Also possibility of snow again.  What in tarnation?  Really have had enough of this crap.  The latest date ever recorded for Lake Nipissing to be declared “ice free” is May 19th.  This year may break a record by the looks of things.  I’m going to try and take some photos today of the way Moose Creek has carved through the ice in our bay.  I’ve never seen such a dramatic contrast between the water and ice as the ice usually isn’t so thick.  I’m back in the office today as I was yesterday.  Slowly plowing through my first quarter books but will be finished in time to enjoy the weekend.  Hopefully I can spent some time outdoors even though it’ll be a little chilly.  I’m glad to see all the deer have returned.  There were 11 here yesterday and I do believe Red is among them.  They are really mangy looking, skinny and just starting to molt.  The one I believe to be Red has a large area on her side that is completely hair free and looks painful as the skin looks raw.  The reason for the exposed skin could be due to a number of things but the animal seems healthy enough.  God knows this winter has been a harsh one for all of nature.

April 25, 2018 - 6:53 a.m.

I’m going to be stuck in the office today and what a great day for it!  Started raining yesterday around supper time, has rained all night and will continue today.  Not a hard rain, just steady.  There was quite a bit of fog last night but most of it seems to have lifted this morning.  I just finished feeding 8 skinny ragged deer so they have finally returned after what I am sure was a long hard winter for them.  Not sure yet if Red is among them as the one that could be her doesn’t seem big or old enough.  Lake Nipissing has finally turned opaque and I noticed on my trip to town yesterday most of the ditches are full and flowing.  Not much snow is left in North Bay or along Hwy 654 but as soon as you turn onto Greening Bay Road, tons of snow left to melt.  Hopefully the rain expected this week will help that along.  This time of year is always so dismal and dirty and noticed yesterday a lot of dirt, sand and garbage along the roadways.  Not pretty.  It is still too early for us to start our property clean up but you can bet we’ll be starting as soon as we are able.  

April 24, 2018 - 7:14 a.m.

We were blessed with another beautiful day yesterday.  Dan was outside for most of it working on the pontoon boat.  He did some painting and buffing and after all his hard work, it looks brand new.  Dan ended up moving the boat down by our ramp so think he’s a little anxious.  I also think he’ll be waiting a while before putting the boat in the water by the looks of things.  We need a huge melt and lots of rain which may be coming.  It’s overcast this morning and calling for rain to start this evening, overnight and into tomorrow.  I did some office work yesterday and the only pressing thing on my schedule this week is the books so it can rain all it wants.  I would have started them yesterday after lunch but got caught up in the Toronto white van tragedy which was unfolding yesterday afternoon.  I’m still numb to think radicalism has reached our great country even though I knew it was inevitable.  I guess it’s  a sign of the times and our world has certainly changed from 20 years ago.  Such a shame and my heart goes out to all people affected by this senseless selfish act.  As much as humans are hurting this planet and each other, at least nature is trying to remain the same.  Six deer finally showed up yesterday, very thin and looking a little ragged.  They don’t look like they’ve molted yet either.  Sorry to say, I don’t think Red was with them and honestly didn’t think she would survive this winter as she is so old but you never know.  She may still show up.  Saw a few robins back in the park yesterday as well.  Still have a lot of snow depth in many spots but there were a few scrounging for food in the grass exposed areas.  

April 23, 2018 - 7:26 a.m.

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the better...for now.  Moose Creek was flowing quickly yesterday afternoon and is starting to fill Greening Bay.  The cold nights, or at least the night time freezing needs to quit though.  There were people out puddle jumping on Lake Nipissing yesterday.  Silly humans.  Just because I’ve been reading there is still a good two feet of ice, I wouldn’t trust it.  I guess if they dump a sled they can afford to or else common sense would come into the equation.  I also saw a critter walking on the ice at dusk last night.  It crossed the bay and walked on to Whiskey Island and then I lost sight of it.  Hope it continued on overnight and got itself off the island.  Looked like it was a fox but could have been a raccoon or fisher.  Most likely a fox though.  I spent yesterday morning cleaning up the cottages from ladies night.  Wasn’t too bad but lots of dishes to wash.  I took a quick drive over to Donna’s afterwards to drop off items which were left at the cottages and then spent the afternoon vegging.  Finally finished a book I have been reading but did enjoy some sunshine for a bit.  I don’t know how Environment Canada’s forecast is so incorrect but someone is sleeping at the wheel.  They say it is currently zero when in fact it’s -6.  The Weather Network seems to be on the ball and has been pretty accurate all winter.  Both agree it is suppose to hit 14 degrees today.  Bring it.

April 22, 2018 - 7:29 a.m.

What a fabulous day yesterday!!  The ladies were definitely in need of some sunshine and everyone pretty much arrived at 2:00.  We just sat in the sun all afternoon and into the early evening before venturing inside for munchies.  We ended up playing a game of “Cards Against Humanity” which is always good for a laugh.  We didn’t go too late and I think the last bunch left around 9:30 or so.  Today I have some clean up to do but the sun is out and shining bright already so won’t be a hardship.  It hit 11 degrees yesterday afternoon and suppose to reach 14 today.  We even heard robins when we were out yesterday but didn’t see them.  Now that the grass is exposed and bugs are out (yes, we saw some yesterday) I think the danger to the robins has past.  I was reading online some were dying due to no access to food.  Calling for a few days of sun and then rain later in the week.  I’m going to enjoy this weather while I can!

April 21, 2018 - 7:04 a.m.

It was a gloriously beautiful warm sunny day yesterday.  Very fitting as it was also a very sad and rough day.  Unfortunately Miss Marble, my cat, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning.  It was quite the struggle for me as I felt so guilty.  Never have I had a pet euthanized when I wasn’t positively sure I was doing what was best to ease it’s suffering.  The vet did ensure me I was doing the right thing but it certainly didn’t feel that way.  Whatever ailed Marble, she is at peace but will be missed horribly.  I had to do a town run after the vet visit and was a bit of a mess but got through it.  I am hosting the ladies today so the timing is a little off but they are my friends and I’m sure we will have some good laughs.  The weather is actually cooperating so we’ll be outside soaking up the rays this afternoon and then move indoors for a plateful of abundant food like we always have.  I was hoping to have a fire and even though we had a lot of snow melt, I don’t know that there is a good location where the pit will be high and dry.  I’m just going to set up chairs wherever the sun will be beating on us and we don’t have to be sitting in muck.  I am making a couple of appetizers that I haven’t made before.  So nice to use my friends as guinea pigs ;)  I am also making clam chowder in case anyone needs warming up after we venture indoors.  Can’t  wait to sit in the sun and relax today and the long term forecast promises to be great for a few days before the rain sets in.  Mild temps will get everything melted so I think the winter has finally moved on.  Don’t expect an early blog tomorrow (if I do one) as I would really like to sleep in.

April 20, 2018 - 5:40 a.m.

As predicted, the sun came out just in time to set last night.  I thought we may have a bit more of it yesterday and it tried, it really did but the sun just wasn’t strong enough to burn off the cloud cover.  Calling for possibility of flurries today but then glorious sunshine in the forecast with warmer temperatures for the next few days.  I was reading on the message board someone ventured out to where they ice fished all season and there is still 25” of ice at the same spot which is the same amount of ice as when they removed their hut.  I’m thinking when things warm up next week and the tributaries really get flowing, you’ll see the ice go quickly.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I also read where we currently have 613% of our precipitation level for this time of year.  I don’t know how they arrived at that number but I call b.s.  Considering how much water was let out of Lake Nipissing this winter and how low the current water levels are, if that percentage is true, we’re going to need every bit of it.  I also read that Ontario is suppose to experience a hot, dry and long summer.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  Considering the rain we received last summer, I’m looking forward to some lazy hazy summer days.  I’m heading to town first thing this morning and since I’m up so early hoping to be home by noon.  As long as I can avoid the Walmart lunchtime rush, I’ll be happy.  Not my favourite place to go.  It’s always packed no matter the time of day.  Where do all these people come from?  Lol.

April 19, 2018 - 7:02 a.m.

Another overcast day for us.  The sun hasn’t made an appearance since before the winter storm blew through on the weekend and we likely won’t see any until late tomorrow.  Likely break through the clouds tomorrow evening just in time to watch it set.  Suppose to be a nice weekend though so there is that.  I’ve a couple more hours of cottage cleaning to do this morning and then I will have completed the double unit spring clean.  Only thing I am not able to do is wash the outside windows which is understandable until spring actually arrives.  There is a little water in Moose Creek this morning but not enough for the fowl to eat anything.  I got up this morning to two geese and a wood duck bedded down under our beach palapa which was pretty strange.  Still no deer really but there was a big old raccoon under the birdfeeders last night.  Just filling his face with whatever was left on the ground.  First coon I’ve seen since the beginning of winter so at least one survived.  I certainly hope the long term weather forecast comes true and we have put the worst behind us and winter is finally taking a slow exit.

April 18, 2018 - 7:06 a.m.

Another dismal weather day yesterday.  We actually saw some accumulation snow but looks like most of it melted.  Currently hovering around zero and overcast.  Gggrrrrrrr.  Getting really tired of this crap.  According to the weather gurus it isn’t going to get reasonably nice until Friday but after that, the weather improvement will be very welcome.  Temperatures are going above zero during the day so lots of melting going on but lots of water on our road under the slushy snow.  Dan tried getting rid of some of it with the tractor yesterday but he was fighting a losing battle.  It’s just a sloppy mess.  I spent the day in a cottage as I’m doing today.  I tell you I’m of the mind that crawling under beds to vacuum is best left to a much younger person but it is what it is.  Advil has been my very good friend of late ;)  We had a lot of purple and yellow finch show up at the birdfeeders yesterday but there has also been a chicken hawk around.  I am not a fan of p